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New wickedly cool Charlize Theron poster from Snow White and the Huntsman!

Posted by Max Lalanne on May 2, 2012

Oooh, that’s some wicked visual work right there. Universal released yesterday some new character posters for the upcoming action-fantasy adventure Snow White and the Huntsman – the most eye-catching and original of which is the above, featuring Charlize Theron who seems to really have a peculiar affinity with black, nasty-looking ravens. Really neat-looking artwork.

Snow White and the Huntsman, which will roll out in American and UK theaters in a mere 29 days, seems to be one of the promising summer movies the most overshadowed by others such as The Dark Knight Rises and even Prometheus. After seeing several slick and visually gorgeous trailers – the first-time director is Rupert Sanders, who previously did commercials for the likes of Nike, Adidas, and Halo, according to his website – it’s pretty laughable to think that Snow White and the Huntsman was once being compared to Relativity Media’s Mirror, Mirror, and pretty easy to consider this film as one of the ones I’m definitely lining up at the local multiplex come June 1st.

Embedded below is the most recent trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman, which you should definitely re-watch  especially if you’re getting a geeky headache from all these 150 repeat viewings of The Dark Knight Rises’ last trailer. Snow White and the Huntsman also stars Kristen Stewart as well as Chris Hemsworth.

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