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Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal stars in first explosive trailer for gritty cop drama End of Watch

Posted by Max Lalanne on May 3, 2012


Click on the photo above to view the high-def trailer on Yahoo! Movies.

There’s nothing really new about this intense first trailer, released earlier today, for End of Watch, the gritty cop drama written and directed by Training Day‘s Steve Ayer and being released by Open Road Films on September 28. But at the same time, under all that shaky-cam, guns-blazing, chop-chop-chop footage slathered under driving rock music, the film seems somewhat intriguing enough to not warrant a simple meh.

In End of Watch, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena star as two LAPD officers, young and brash with the talent to back it up, who manage to get into hot waters with nasty-looking drug cartels. Very hot waters, apparently, juding from all these automatic rifles handled by tattoed bald gangsters going off at our protagonists. Anna Kendricks and America Ferrara round up the cast as their respective love interests to add some wisely sweet and touching moments into all that “Watch your six” growly dialogue and thumping action.


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