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The Avengers, revisited: Chip in with your thoughts!

Posted by Max Lalanne on May 7, 2012

It seems hard to believe that The Avengers was released little more that three days ago, and I would like to believe that my Friday-penned gushy article “Six reasons why you should drop everything and go see The Avengers” somewhat helped Marvel’s colossal masterpiece achieve the domestic box office gross of $207.4 million in just one single opening weekend, the biggest one we have ever experienced in our lives. Adding that stunning number to the ticket revenue that has been steadily streaming in for the last 10 days or so across the world, The Avengers now has grossed $654.8 million globally . And the Hulk has just started smashing, folks, so sit tight and gleefully watch.

I myself went off to my local theater earlier this afternoon, again, and watched The Avengers for the second time, succumbing to that irresistible temptation – you think sneaky Loki and his magical sceptre has something to do with it? – which has already overcome many fellow movie geeks and non-movie geeks alike. My verdict? The Avengers is an admirably awesome film, and that stays no matter how many times I watch it, I imagine. Oh yes, and I also made sure to stay and sit through more than five long minutes of endlessly scrolling credits to wait for the second secret post-film scene, which means that I now know that the same makeup girl takes care of both “Mrs. Johannsson” and “Mrs. Paltrow.” Cool, right?

So now I turn to all of you mewling quims – I’m becoming rather nifty with these sort of things, aren’t I? – and ask you that whether you already watched The Avengers twice or thrice, did you appreciate the film and its really brilliant dialogue, story, acting, and action scenes as much as the first time? I certainly did, and I hope you did too.


2 Responses to “The Avengers, revisited: Chip in with your thoughts!”

  1. @ickabelgont said

    Seen it 3 times (I live in the UK) in 2D, 3D and Imax3D. If (by which I mean when) I go again it’ll be 2D though. Loki vs Hulk is probably funnier on repeat viewing due to the anticipation!
    Hawkeye was used pretty well – I’m not convinced he would have served much purpose in the Avengers team otherwise as his skillset is pretty well covered by the others.
    Not exactly Oscar worthy, but about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on

    • What do you mean, Hawkeye’s skillset is pretty well covered by the others? Only Iron Man has somewhat long-distance shooting capabilities, and they really aren’t the same thing at all. Although I do definitely have that feeling that Whedon wrote Hawkeye in to mostly add some conflict to Scarlett Johannsson’s character.

      How did you like the 3D? Both times I’ve seen it, it was in 2D.

      Cheers for commenting!

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