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New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES character posters…awesome ones!

Posted by Max Lalanne on May 22, 2012

Now that’s more like it, Warner Bros. Here are three new character posters [via Yahoo Movies UK] for The Dark Knight Rises, which thankfully return to the dark, rain-drenched, sophisticated marketing color style and design that was disappointingly uprooted yesterday by this particular poster.

Batman, Catwoman, and Bane. Attached, all three posters together make one helluva powerful image, if I may say so myself. Check it out!

UPDATE: Three more, this time French, character posters [via Ain’t It Cool News] also released. All familiar poses and whatnot but still cool. And don’t ask me why there’s fluffy snow falling instead of pelting rain.

Hit the jump for larger, high-quality versions.


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