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The SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS film could be promising, if…

Posted by Max Lalanne on May 23, 2012

The recent news [via Deadline] that Chronicle‘s Josh Trank is directing the live-action adaptation of Shadow of the Colossus for Sony didn’t really spark interest in my mind, seeing I had never heard of the apparently popular videogame before and, honestly, a lot of videogame-to-film movies suck. Case in point, I can’t name a single good one. Oh wait, Prince of Persia? But, hey, I had to check it out.

Players take the role of a young man seeking the truth of an ancient tale of power hidden in a mystical land. Shadow of the Colossus is a majestic journey through ancient lands to seek out and destroy gigantic mythical beasts. With a trusty horse at your side, players explore the spacious lands and unearth each Colossi. The uneasy task of defeating a Colossus relies on intelligent puzzle solving and action oriented gameplay. Armed with strong wits, a mystical sword and a sturdy bow, players use cunning and strategy to topple each behemoth.”

Positive gaming reviews call it “masterfully understated, beautifully simple,” if that means anything. But anyway, check the two photos in this article. Don’t they look nice, or more importantly – cinematically adaptable? And yes, I do realize these are wallpaper drawings of Shadow of the Colossus and not actual screenshots of the game…if the filmmakers use the latter as a visualization starting point, the whole thing will probably end up being like the visuals of Clash of the Titans, full of dirty cluttered CGI that fill up the screen for no reason. But if they manage – or want to – make a respectable film that looks like a live-action version of these images, I think it could be a worthy project.

What do you guys think?

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