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New anti-Rekall viral website for Total Recall warns us, “Don’t let them blow your mind”

Posted by Max Lalanne on June 18, 2012


Sony, entering full-blown Prometheus-esque marketing mode for Total Recall, recently launched a shiny and sleek Rekall company website that was nonetheless, a total snoozefest (despite all the win-a-trip-to-here-and-there thingamajigs). And now we have this anti-Rekall page, which is…well, boring once you finish reading everything “they” have to say against Rekall. No secret newsletter or discoverable mailing list that we can sign up to, not one single link that brings you to, I don’t know, how about something to do with Jessica Biel’s resistance fighter character or more info about the resistance itself? Just doesn’t give you any excitement like Prometheus‘ Weyland Corporation viral website and videos did.

Are you considering a visit to Rekall? Do you know what you’re risking? Rekall engages in a criminal propaganda campaign. They claim they can give you the life you’ve always wanted, but what they don’t disclose is that the Rekall experience comes at a perilious risk. Side effects from the Rekall memory implantation can be severe and irreversible. They include brain damage, total memory loss, and even death. Rekall has done a great job in covering up these disasters. Rekall’s fantasies are the gateway to life-altering tragedies, amd they’re taking no accountability for it. We can’t remain silent anymore, and neither should you. Share this site to warn friends and loved ones of the dangers of Rekall.

If you warp it enough, you can even think that this is a reverse psychology trick warning us to stay away from Rekall, which is in fact Total Recall! Hmm. Nevermind. Why is my brain so fuzzy all of a sudden? That’s really weird, because I went to the local Rekall office last week and had a great time…


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