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First trailer for Joe Wright’s ‘Anna Karenina’ with Keira Knightley

Posted by Max Lalanne on June 20, 2012


Between this and The Great Gatsby (and also Les Misérables, to some degree), I think we’re set this year for all the glitzy and lush visuals set in gorgeous period settings full of melodramatic romantic intrigue and obsessed rich folks that we can handle. This first trailer for Anna Karenina just seems to be missing a little bit – mind you, just a little bit – of the crazy, overblown, let’s-go-with-it attitude that Baz Lurhhman always infuses in his similar movies to make them a little different than all the others. For better or for worse? If there’s one thing for sure, though, it’s that Anna Karenina will be lucky at the Oscars. If the voters will happen to be looking for a old-fashioned, sweepingly grand romantic period piece, they will have to look no further.

[Awards Daily]

2 Responses to “First trailer for Joe Wright’s ‘Anna Karenina’ with Keira Knightley”

  1. The trailer misses everything. I think it would be the worst adaptation of the novel I have ever seen in my life. Without even mentioning all the ‘Russian’ defects of this film (I am a native), Keira is all wrong in this role (she is way too young and way too ‘weak’ appearing to ever even thinking of playing Karenina), Vronsky here looks like a lost kid, when he was supposed to be a charming and handsome ‘dark edgy’ MAN (I want at least Hugh Jackman here lol). This is a horror come true.

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