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Video of the Week: Theatrical release trailer for Jaws (1975)

Posted by Max Lalanne on June 20, 2012

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” The inaugural video of the week* is the threatical release trailer for Steven Spielberg’s revolutionary Jaws, which was released on this day back in 1975 and scared away – and keeps scaring away, 37 years later – a hell lot of people from going into the water. This vintage trailer’s worth watching for a number of reasons (the great, late Roy Scheider!), but one is also to just notice how slow, paced, and detailed trailers back then were – and yet, they spoil less of the story than modern trailers do regularly, which we’ve come to accept as normal. But if there was an horror thriller whose trailer was paced the way the Jaws one is – the internet will shred it to pieces and call it a yawnfest. Ah, kids nowadays. But anyway, watch and indulge in some good ol’ Spielberg thrills (while waiting for the official Blu-ray to hit shelves this August).

*Sometime during the middle of each week, I’ll be picking and highlighting one trailer, clip, or scene from a movie that has some cultural or historical relevance to that week and naming it, thus, the video of the week. If you have any suggestions you’ll like to name, do feel free to hit me up on Twitter @cinephilePM!


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