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First trailer for sci-fi actioner ‘Dredd’ with Karl Urban

Posted by Max Lalanne on June 21, 2012


One Youtube commenter summed up this Dredd trailer perfectly: “The Raid meets Robocop.” I haven’t read the original British comic strip but this certainly looks a pretty stale and generic mess of post-apocalyptic visuals and cheesy one-liners, to say the least. Oh yeah, and sloooooo-moooooooo shoot-em-up violence. (Yes, I do know that Dredd actually started filming before The Raid, so it’s merely bad, extremely bad luck for the former that they happen to share almost an identical plot. As for the Robocop resemblance, I guess that can’t be helped. But still.)


One Response to “First trailer for sci-fi actioner ‘Dredd’ with Karl Urban”

  1. The original Robocop movie was so very heavily influenced by the Judge Dredd character (the movie ‘Judge Dredd’, ironically, didn’t seem to be influenced by the character at all,- go figure) that comparisons will be inevitable, as for Raid similarites, yes they ‘seem’ very similar, but the two stories play out very differently.

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