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Can Everyone Just Give it a Rest Already?

Posted by Max Lalanne on July 5, 2012

Warner Bros. and Chris Nolan, bless that guy’s heart, will release “Dark Knight Rises” nationwide on Friday, July 20, which makes it a mere two weeks from now. Almost everyone I know, me included, is excited – no, beyond excited – for this movie, because it is the blockbuster of the year. We can’t be any more excited. It’s been weeks and weeks of both thrilling, and overwhelmingly exhausting, endless marketing campaigns and online hype. There’s been a new TV spot or a new poster every couple of days, it seems. Warner Bros. should be proud, and give themselves a slap on the back for packing on the heat so much and for so long. But now that we’ve reached this frenzy-inducing milestone, can we please lay off and chill on all the unecessary quasi-spoiler “news” that are still popping up all over the place?

I love being swept up in the excitement and nervous, thrilling anticipation of waiting for a highly-anticipated film to open. I mean, who doesn’t? But, there’s a difference between early box office predictions and just swooping like vultures on whatever information’s available just because it’s there, without caring the effect it’ll have on watching the film itself. I’m sick to death of “Dark Knight Rises” being mercilessly overexposed, which it is being right now, because the only way it seems that some folks can eagerly await this movie is by announcing that you can listen to fourteen minutes of Han Zimmer’s “Dark Knight Rises” score. (Mind you, you shouldn’t.) Because, like, excuse me? Which self-respecting movie lover really wants to listen to fourteen freakin’ minutes of Hans Zimmer’s score, a mere two weeks before they can experience it themselves in a theater?

Let’s face it – we are damn lucky to be experiencing “Dark Knight Rises” right now, because such an awesome experience definitely won’t reappear anytime soon, or ever, and it’ll become the stuff of American pop culture legend. Like when “Jaws” was released in the summer of 1975, fathers and mothers will tell their children, “I was there when that movie opened, and it was wonderful.” Maybe I’m exaggerating, yeah, just a little, but then again I doubt it. This truly is and, in merely two weeks, will be a fantastic time for moviegoers and movie lovers. We know by now this is a movie we’re going to watch. And right now to keep digging up and posting more stuff on “Dark Knight Rises,” many with slight and stupid spoilers, is just a barefaced attempt for more pageviews. It’s probably working, though.


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