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Cpt. Jack Sparrow is Nine Years Old Today

Posted by Max Lalanne on July 9, 2012

You could say that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise is pretty much artistically dead and commercially thriving, which is more gloomy than you can imagine, but man, it had a fantastically good run if you stay within Gore Verbinski’s original trilogy. When Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, and Bill Nighy were still there alongside Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp, when the whole team was there with the relentless energy and inventiveness, these movies were mightily fun and entertaining. Yes, even the second and the third movie were great, in my opinion, and I don’t understand why people who loved the first wouldn’t love the sequels. Maybe they were a little more dispersed and sloppy, story-wise, but it just added to the dastardly swashbuckling charm of it all.

Now, you might ask why am I bringing this up right now? Well, the movie that started it all, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl,” was released on this day back in 2003, exactly nine years ago. Yo ho ho, a bottle of rum for everybody. So now I’m asking you all this related question – do you still believe the franchise has a chance of redeeming itself, or was the original trilogy all but a dying breed, the last remnants of the good times on the wide open seas? (See what I did there, very smart.) I want to hear your thoughts below, and today might be good time as any to pop in the ol’ “Pirates of the Caribbean” DVDs and enjoy Cpt. Jack Sparrow’s misadventures one more time.


One Response to “Cpt. Jack Sparrow is Nine Years Old Today”

  1. This news makes me feel incredibly old.

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