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More applause! For the guy who carries a red, white, and blue shield.

Posted by Max Lalanne on July 22, 2012


For what it’s worth exactly one year after its release, I thought “Captain America: The First Avenger” was surprisingly underrated and still deserves more recognition, generally. The superhero origins flick was endearingly pulpy and old-fashioned – both in setting and in style – as well as being sleek, fast-paced, and always entertaining. I liked it fine.But it was unfortunately overshadowed by the much showier, look-at-me-I-come-from-another-planet “Thor,” which incidentally I thought had a messy and convoluted storyline. Either way, Cappy just got sort of lost in the shuffle of Marvel movies hurriedly thrown out there before “The Avengers” landed with a supersonic bang. Ah well.


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