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‘In the Heat of the Night,’ 1962, poster showdown – vote for your favorite version.

Posted by Max Lalanne on July 29, 2012


Hey, look kids! A “In the Heat of the Night” vintage poster! I fully admit that I haven’t yet seen Norman Jewison’s Oscar-winning crime drama, which was released on August 2nd, 1962, but there’s nothing I love more than some wonderful artwork – and this film has a couple of beauties that couldn’t be ignored without a special post. Above is my personal favorite, a magnificent French one-sheet that’s also the simplest of the lot. Hit the jump to check out four other notables, including a Spanish version, two domestic one-sheets, and unique Polish artwork that foregoes the usual crime-scene foreground that the others use. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your vote for your favorite version. (Honest question – why do Polish artists always do such remarkably different designs than the rest of the world? It seems they have absolutely no inhibitions exploring the darkest or the most obscure elements of a film for a poster.)



One Response to “‘In the Heat of the Night,’ 1962, poster showdown – vote for your favorite version.”

  1. I dunno, I think I like the Polish one the best…

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